Congratulations to “Dickey Boats” Napier NZ, they have become the first Pacific based Boat builder to go with the complete “NEW SCHOOL” system approach by Whisperpower. A truly international system to be fitted to their LRC (Long Range Cruiser) 58. The efficiency of the power systems onboard combined with efficient propulsion allow this boat to travel the world with minimized effect on the environment.
Personally this is very satisfying, after years of banging away at this I now have a receptive audience. Finally enlightened people are taking a leap of faith toward DC charging, Lithium storage and efficient household 230VAC appliances. Our Hybrid systems are also becoming popular, goodbye to large, dirty, hungry, heavy, noisy generation.


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  • Chris Allum says:

    Hi … Is this an upgrade model from the .. Whisper Gen .. that was available a few years ago ? …

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