Meet our Genverter Scalino, a 4 kVA Diesel Generator for Mobile Applications. The Scalino follows the introducton of the Genverter Piccolo for maritime applications. The WhisperPower Genverter Scalino 4 kVA is the smallest, lightest and most powerful of its kind. Thanks to the electronic PMG inverter output, it delivers the ideal power quality for all comfort equipment, such as washing machines, air-conditioning, electrical cooking devices and various other AC powered equipment. The Scalino Genverter generator is a perfect replacement energy source against propane and/or natural gas. The new Scalino generator isĀ a great power source in motorhomes, replacing gas bottles; cooking and heating systems operate smooth even during cold winter periods.

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  • Colin Campbell says:

    Please offer more details of your 4kva marine genset

    • whisperpower says:

      The most silent and compact generator in the market !
      1-cylinder Permanent Magnet generator with external PMG box (power module)
      4.0kVA (3.5kW) continuous 230V power from your programmable speed generator system
      High efficiency and strong peak power
      Outstanding voltage stability and a pure sine wave
      Saving fuel and ensuring smooth running of your genset
      Genverter Power, the best choice for your energy supply

  • Joe May says:

    How much is the 4kva generator please?

  • whisperpower says:


    On you can find more information. If you are in the pacific please contact us for more information.

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