Remote Control Panels

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Whisper Power Pacific Remote Control Panels

Whisper Power Pacific provides remote control panels as standard to enable the various pieces of equipment to be controlled and monitored remotely. With the WP Touch series, it is possible to view all of the electrical system’s vital information on one screen.

From the panel the WhisperPower 
generator, the sine wave inverter/charger combination and the batteries can all be monitored and operated. If a central panel has already been installed, for example for the domotica, it is also possible to use this existing panel to monitor the WhisperPower system via an interface.

WP Touch: three sizes available

The WP Touch panel is available in 5, 7 and 9.7 inches. This high resolution, the full-colour panel comes complete with cables and connectors for connection to the inverters/battery chargers and if also installed, the WhisperPower generator.

Main Menu

  • The WPC’s and AC/DC PowerCubes most important settings can be programmed using the touch panel

Battery Monitoring

  • Battery voltage (V) and current consumption in amperes
  • Activated charge current (charger, alternator, solar panels)
  • “Time remaining” indication for battery usage
  • Ampere consumption (Ah)
  • WhisperPower Generator start battery voltage indication
  • WhisperTouch panels 5, 7 & 10″

  • DDC Digital Diesel Control Panel

  • WPC PSCP Control Panel

  • WPCI interface