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A well-performing recreational marine energy system is an absolute must in pleasure yachts. A wide variety of products and systems can be supplied from stock from small 120 / 230 / 380 VAC diesel generators, DC generators to charge 12, 24 or 48 VDC batteries, up to sine wave inverters, battery chargers and long-life batteries. The new hybrid style Genverter generators ensure quieter and cost-effective provision of electrical power. Our systems use less fuel.

Either for primary power provision or emergency back-up (including UPS functionality) power, WhisperPower has the best solutions. All our products comply with CE and ABYC regulations and can be certified, optional, to GL/DNV/Lloyds or ABS standards.

Our fixed RPM generators are approved to the Russian River Register and Chinese standards. WhisperPower’s sister company Hybrid Power Systems BV is the premium company to offer combined hybrid propulsion systems from 25 kW – 250 kW.

  • Basic System Marine

  • Advanced System Marine

  • Admiral System Marine

  • Royal System Marine

  • SuperYacht System

  • Hybrid Propulsion & Power