Generators (High RPM)

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Our Genverter© combines the latest diesel engine technology with a new way of producing electrical power. Instead of adding an alternator with fixed speed on the back of the fly-wheel, we have designed a very compact permanent magnet alternator (PM), located just behind the engine. As a result, these systems are much smaller and lighter compared to traditional generators.

Customer benefits:

  • The output voltage of the generator is not dependent on the RPM (revolutions per minute) of the generator. The generator RPM can be fixed to a position offering the optimal balance between RPM, output power, audible noise and vibration. In most cases, the result is 2300 RPM.
  • The PM alternator utilizes the same cooling circuit as the main engine making the installation much more simple.
  • The output voltage/power of the PM can be used for various purposes including integration into DC systems. For example with our DC PowerCube concept or as an inverter-based variable speed generator, our Basic range.
  • Our Genverter ‘I’ versions are HYBRID generators: variable speed just as with our Basic version, but with an additional inverter/battery charger, our WPC Power Centre, capable of providing sine wave AC power to the various on board appliances. The battery is automatically charged by the WPC’s Power Centre.
  • M-SC 3.5 MARINE

  • M-SC 6 MARINE 5kW at 3000 RPM

  • W-SC 6 MOBILE 5kW at 3000 RPM

  • M-SC 8 MARINE 6.4kW at 3000 RPM

  • W-SC 10 MOBILE

  • M-SC 10 MARINE