Battery Switches

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Whisper Power Pacific Battery Switches

DC Battery Switches – Compact Series 300A
Designed for battery banks of 12, 24 or 48 VDC, manually operated COMPACT series DC Switches are the best choice to connect or disconnect DC consumers from the relevant battery bank.

DC Battery Switches – HD Series 600A
Quality Products engineered for the harsh marine environment and built to last. Robust and compact design.

Remote battery switches
These are robust, quality products engineered for harsh marine environments and built to last. The WP-ML is a heavy-duty remote battery switch. It features a 500 Amp magnetic latching (bi-stable) switch providing high-amp switching under load, which can be operated both manually or remotely.

  • DC Switch 300A single circuit

  • DC Switch 300A dual circuit

  • DC Switch 300A dual circuit+comb

  • DC Switch 600A on-off

  • DC Switch 600A selector 4 pos

  • DC Remote Battery Switch 12V

  • DC Remote Battery Switch 24V

  • DC Charging Relay 12V

  • DC Charging Relay 24V