Battery Isolators

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Whisper Power Pacific Batteries

WBL Battery Links
The WBL Battery Links are devices that automatically connect two battery banks if the voltage rises above a pre-set charge value for at least five seconds, allowing these battery banks to be charged simultaneously. To protect the battery when the voltage drops, the battery banks are isolated once again. Two models are available:
– 120 A / max 180 A
– 160 A / max 480 A

WBI Battery Isolators
Whisper Power Pacific WBI Battery Isolators are designed to charge 2 or more individual batteries or battery banks from one power source: a battery charger or a DC alternator. The WBI is an ideal solution to charge separate battery banks, when the output voltage of a charge device cannot be adjusted to compensate for a voltage drop which occurs when an ordinary battery isolator is being used.
The WBI keeps the voltage at the correct charge level. Two models are available:
– WBI 150-2
– WBI 150-3

WVG Voltage Guard
The WVG Voltage Guard has been developed to protect the batteries against an unwelcome discharge. As a result, batteries will not break down before the end of the life cycle. The Voltage Guard has to be installed in the DC connection between the battery and the DC consumers. The Voltage Guard is programmable and the desired under-voltage value and over-voltage value can be easily selected. The max. current is 200 amps.

  • WBL 120

  • WBL 160

  • WBI 150-2 IG

  • WBI 150-3 IG

  • WVG-200