Battery Chargers

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Perfect solution for charging batteries

The main function of a battery charger is to charge the battery when the charger is connected to shore power.

WhisperPower’s battery chargers convert any AC voltage or frequency to a smooth 12, 24 or 48 VDC voltage. Using WhisperPower’s battery chargers ensure a FAST and COMPLETE charge of the battery. As a result, the lifetime of the battery is much longer.

Our range consists of our low power HANDY series, the multiple output SUPREME series and our heavy-duty, high output DC POWERCUBE series.

WP Handy
The WP Handy range is suitable for recreational and semi-professional use. Easy to install, it includes a detailed display and easy battery type programmer.
Our Handy chargers are extremely compact battery chargers. They can be used in wet environments (IP 65 class) and are designed to charge AGM, GEL and wet batteries quickly and completely.

WP Supreme Battery Chargers
Commercial ships, superyachts and industrial installations are all equipped with numerous electronic devices requiring the highest quality non-stop power supply. There are increasingly demanding requirements in regard to DC voltage stability, interference suppression and connection to various onboard systems and these, in turn, also place higher demands on DC-AC battery chargers. Most existing suppliers do little in terms of modernisation and innovation in this area. That is why, a few years ago, WhisperPower’s design team set about developing a new range of charge devices and equipment aimed at solving this very issue.  A range which is now our absolute pleasure to introduce: the Supreme Pro, 2020’s answer to the ultimate, next-generation battery charger/power supply. The range comprises of four models with 40, 60, 80 or 100 amp charge capacity, all designed for 24 VDC systems.

DC Power Cube
The DC PowerCube is designed for more extensive electrical systems with a large battery bank and significant DC-consumption. The DC PowerCube converts the delivered power (from the grid or generator) to DC for lighting, electronic equipment, pumps and other DC loads.

  • WBC Handy 12V-2A

  • WBC Handy 12V-7A

  • WBC Handy 12V-15A

  • WP-BC Supreme Pro 12V-40A

  • WP-BC Supreme Pro 24V-25A

  • WP-BC Supreme Pro 24V-40A

  • WP-BC Supreme Pro 24V-60A

  • WP-BC Supreme Pro 24V-80A

  • WP-BC Supreme Pro 24V-100A

  • DC PowerCube 24V-150A

  • DC PowerCube 48V-80A