All-In-One Power Station

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WhisperPower All-In-One Hybrid PowerStation

A complete energy system comprising of the best components minus the fuss and hassle: the new All-In-One Hybrid PowerStation. From now on, order everything in one single quiet and reliable compact system with minimal vibration in which the diesel generator, inverter, battery and all other vital components work together.

Much easier to install and just one point of contact for service and support saving you time and money and causing minimal disruption for the end customer.

Superior Quality
Whisper Power develops and manufactures products that meet the highest demands and are specifically produced (“Made in Holland”) for the professional user. With silent operation, thanks to the unique Genverter technology, provision of the correct energy to provide optimal comfort on board is guaranteed.

Compact Power
The All-in-One PowerStation consists of a premium hybrid diesel generator equipped with a high-efficiency permanent magnet alternator. This generator, with its extraordinary compact form and outstanding minimal noise output, works together with the sine wave inverter, the battery charger or Combi connected to the long-life onboard batteries. Start and bow thruster batteries are also charged via the PowerStation. Vital components such as DC switches, fuses and voltage guards are integrated into the system. With a universal connector, All-in-One PowerStations can be plugged into any country’s power connection worldwide (90-260 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz).

  • All-In-One Hybrid PowerStation 2 Cylinder 13 kVA

  • All-In-One Hybrid PowerStation 1 Cylinder 7 kVA