Introducing new General Manager

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Introducing our new “General Manager Australia” Jason Rendle has an excellent electrical and management background within our industry. Jason was previously with Riviera and Volvo, very active throughout the east coast, he now sets sights on the whole continent of Australia.
With support from the Auckland systems house we will soon establish an engineering and service resource at the Gold Coast Office (previously sales).
Jason and I will be at the Sydney show in 2 weeks, we have already begun to implement our exciting plan. We will really drive home the brand as a force to be reckoned with in this, our 2nd year of market establishment and brand building.

Nike Air Jordan 4 Black Cat Unboxing Hype, Resale & Review

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yes people we are here with an exclusive unboxing of the nike air jordan for black cat this shoe rigidly released in 2006 and it is many people’s growls I mean look it it is mean-looking but before we get into the shoe itself make sure you hit that like share and subscribe on because it really does help out the channel so I’m gonna get my levitator for a change look it’s like in one absolute miracle but this shoe is as mean and as fierce as they come start with the upper itself it comes with a premium nubuck soft to the touch and this material goes all the way across it and this is counted expertly by the molded Cajun that you can see on the underlays come and completely blacked out ,cheap jordan 11,this sneaker is as fierce as it comes this is encountered expertly by the nice graphite that you can see on the Nike Jumpman logo and flight and then this poop.

they’ll get a metal hip for the Jumpman logo on the back as well rounded off with these lace loops that also come in the same black metallic material this sneaker is absolutely exceptional in my opinion easily one of the perfect sneakers for the winter show we’re going into summer ,jordan 11 china,Nike maybe you could have thought about that a bit better but who cares released in February the 22nd retailing at 165 pounds these have already dropped over in the States and there was an instant seller and inspect exactly the same in Europe and I’m not gonna lie there’s your first one over the video let’s get the counter ticking down in the comments below this shoe will have a nice resale value to it as well but as per usual rather than copying them to resell just wear your goddamn sneakers .

because these are an absolute banger fitting true to size i person would go for UK 10 as per usual so if you want to give me a bit you guys are little legends available many stock is such as Nike footlocker and offspring this shoe issue is a must for me to round it off I’ve got one little fun fact for you this is named after Michael Jordan’s nickname apparently who’s known as the black cat ,cheap jordan 11 low,but I do not know if that is true so you can let me know down in the comments below but that is what Google is telling me I’ve been Chris from the sole supplier this has been the Nike Air Jordan for black cat and we’ll see you very soon for another unboxing probably tomorrow because we’re going to have like five in a row so you sure

Air Jordan 7 Retro Marvin The Martian Sneaker Review

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you today with another pick up today we’re gonna talk about the enjoy and retro 7 Marvin this is a sneaker that I actually passed on today is Monday and I still was able to get my hands on the sneaker I actually passed on these and what happened is I got a birthday coming up and the wife know that I like sneakers so she went in the store today ,cheap jordan 11,when I came home from work today I had this sneaker so shoutouts to her for that so as you can see the shoe dropped on Saturday today it’s Monday the shoe was basically sitting on the shelf in the store so I’m not the only one you know passed on the shoe I don’t think it’s a bad sneaker.

it’s just an all black sneaker basically but it’s so many 7s drop this drop this year you know I have the hairs and the Bordeaux’s so so many sevens so I didn’t really go after another pair of sevens but I’m happy that I got them the quality is amazing so let’s get it to the review alright as you can see the marble is basically all black shoe the upper is all black the outsole features ,cheap jordans for sale,you know red orange and green there so you got like a different color multicolor outsole with a green jump man on the back back heel part there the midsole is black and then you kind of like got a metallic lime green on the peaks there and then right here also on the midsole you see that red comes up on the up to the midsole there which is pretty dope to me so the shoe like I said it’s pretty is one of my favorite colorways .

you know with the black and red and with the University red on the tongue you know it really gives the sneaker that pop so you have a little bit of purple on the sock liner there but that’s pretty much hitting that you got a crazy pattern you know on the insole there on the bottom you have a red Jumpman there on the top of the on the top of the upper and then you have a lime green pull tab so all black upper all black strange this is a really dope sneaker in my opinion ,cheap jordans online,but I mean I decided I was gonna pass on a shoot just because you know it was just so many sevens and you know just all just another black and red sneaker I could have went for it but I’m really glad I was able to to get them Air Jordan Retro 7 Marvin let’s see how these look on feet

WP Magazine #4

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We proudly announce the newest edition of our WP Magazine.

In this edition we update you about the Supreme Pro high tech battery charger, the latest marine innovations and our 10 year anniversary! We are proud that we’ve come so far in the last 10 years, given the global economic downturn. Getting ‘up and running’ took longer than planned and a lot of work had to be done to differentiate our product range. Given the growth we have gone on the experience since 2015, crowned with 50% growth this year in comparison to 2017, we are pleased to say it has worked out just right.

Get your digital copye here.


Introducing new dealer in Sydney

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Introducing “Empire Vehicles” our new dealer in Sydney AU. At Empire Ray and his team produce beautiful mobile systems like the cafeteria truck pictured. This is a 10KW food truck system, there is also a larger truck in progress for AAFCANS with a 15KW. Ray is currently installing our new Scalino SS Outdoor 4KW in another application. The team at Empire are very keen on top end finish for their projects and pleased to have formed a strong relationship with WP Pacific. This gives full access to our world leading systems, we are pleased to have such a technically strong team (Mobile and Marine) as our new dealer in NSW Australia.

Women’s Air Jordan 11 Low ‘Rose Gold’ Review

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you’re gonna have to you’re gonna edit it so my arm is gonna go and then my pictures in the show up . hi everyone i’m bianca from we’re testers comm and today we’re going to be talking about the Air Jordan 11 low-cut for women retailing at 175 the price is a little steep but tech for tech we are getting the same shoe as the men which is really awesome ,cheap jordan shoes,we’re also getting a premium build so some of the premium features in this shoe include the nubuck upper and a textured leather overlay with a nice glossy finish and that’s made to mimic these guys over here the original we could get into the difference between these two shoes in the next video kind of nerd it out together .

we’ll get into that so make sure to stay tuned so another small little detail that makes the shoe feel really premium are the bronze Aglets it’s a small feature but I really love the rose gold and this was just such a cute touch loved it so the tech specs include a Phylon midsole and a full length air unit that’s also different from what we see in the youth shoes ,cheap jordan 11,but again we’ll get into that later all of which sit on top a translucent outsole featuring solid rubber herringbone traction pods we also get the carbon fiber spring plate just like the men so ladies can I get a whoo as far as fit goes these shoes fit true to size if you have wide feet go ahead and try a half size up and you should be good these are my first Air Jordan 11 s with the same tech specs as the guys and not to mention they’re super comfortable easy to walk on .

I do feel the difference compared to these guys over here and not to mention these shoes are just really beautiful if you haven’t noticed yet I’m a big fan of the baby pink and the rose gold,cheap jordans, I just really love it it’s a nice shoe I’m really excited about this way so that pretty much takes care of it for the Air Jordan 11 low in rose gold for the ladies so make sure to head over to where testers comm for all of your performance needs again my name is Bianca I’m new here out we’re testers let me know how I’m doing it’s day two and I am loving it thanks for watching and I hope you have a good one see you next time .

”RAW” a great simple name for this 58ft globally ocean capable Moter Vessel

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Sleek, efficient power systems. Future proffed, minimally fuelled and prepared for E-Propulsion. 

Fitted with WhisperPower equipment from the shore connection to the Genverter tailpipe, they can receive any RAW messy shore power from 90-265 VAC and find WhisperPower agents worldwide.

Currently motoring Auckland to Thailand diesel efficiently is key, a sleek easily pushed hull form with a minimalist diesle inboard. Combina a highly efficient variable speed lithium DC charge system and avoid fuel stops. Every drop of diesel goed somewhere, not in the ocean or unburned into the air, always running on perfect fuel point. Add highly efficient household 230 VAC appliances, solar and across oceans without digging a big hole in the environment or the bank balance.

Future shock – fossil fuel eliminated by 2030

The Swedish owners of this Dickey LRC58 realised the diesel propulsion installed now in NZ, would eventually have to go once back in Sweden. This is real! They have a deadline for zero fossil fuel.

Shocking but true? Yes! E-Propulsion is not yeat ready for offshore due to current storage energy density technology, however with a large lithium storage bank efficiently suppling house system at 50 VDC in preparation for E-Propulsion any improvements will slot in easily, whoever said bigger is better? We await stoarage systems with 20x the energy density of lead acid currently lithium is approx. 4x.

Expensive? Yes! Justified yes, good storage is already necessary for a modern boats house system, now typically Inverter based so the higher the voltage the better. 48-50 VDC was an unusual choice until now, lithium and propulsions options provide and require this as a minimum. Efficiency is the key, plug and play modular power systems with sophisticated energy control and monitoring. Controlled and displayed alongside all the other ships utilities and functions. SOlid well commissioned systems supported by back to base component/module replacement nog tinkering in boxes at sea.

Do we have a future? Hopefully yes! 

Where tradition and hybrid technology are coming together

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Where tradition and the newest hybrid technology are coming together. Our Greek distributor Nautilus Ltd has recelty supplied a complete hybrid power system, what will be installed in this traditional build wooden boat. The system contains a M-GV3 Genverter, with DC and AC PowerCubes, and a Li-ION battery pack for optimum comfort and unlimited power on board.

‘Power system from one single brand was for us real benefit, because that means one supplier as a partner who takes responsibility for the complete power 230V and 12/24DC system and assure a proper and balanced system’, according to the project manager of the yard.

Installation of Piccolo 8

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Our very own Independence has a Piccolo 8 installed! This is one of the many installations we will do the upcoming year. This Piccolo is the silentst in his kind, has a 8 kVA continuous 230V power for a programmable speed generator system and an outstanding voltage stability.

Find all the information about this silent and compact generator here.


Palma International Boat Show

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WhisperPower had a big combined stand with Webasto where we both showed are latest products and systems. The weather was nice, the people are nice and the fair is nice! During this fair we show you how you can use our products, create energy for charging your laptop and even cook at the same time.