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We see more acceptance, internationally, of our New School systems, fitted with ION power or lead – acid batteries. Some examples:


Bcool in Italy finally obtained an order from Franchini Yachts for a complete system for a new design power boat, the MIA 63 project. Read more here about the project and click here to see the Single Line diagram showing the system configuration. A strong discussion took place between Bcool and the head of systems of the yard about the choice of power electronics: a combi – style solution (5 kVA) or an AC/ DC PowerCube system. Finally, the yard opted for the Cube set up, as the best option to charge the battery bank quickly and reduce generator running time the best way. More projects to follow in Italy!

Webasto Iberica and Patricio Blanco are more and more successful to sell complete systems – recently a complete system was supplied to an owner of a Lagoon 50 ft sailing catamaran (see to replace a conventional system suffering of water damage. Unfortunately, not many boatbuilders have left in Spain, see here the single line diagram. SASGA Yachts from Menorca is standardizing on WhisperPower – click here for more info.

Team WhisperPower Germany has managed to convince Sirius Yachts, builder of premium deck-saloon style yachts, to install WhisperPower systems as standard. Our ION Power batteries are now a standard ingredient for these yachts. Link to the website. Read more about the system design here. We have convinced the owner to install a WhisperCare router package on board so we can follow the boat worldwide. At the news section of our WhisperPower website you can read more about new orders for professional marine applications. (Fassmer Werft) – see

We are pleased to see our North American activities grow by the day. Our small Piccolo’s are fitted as standard in sailing catamarans build by Maine Cat, as the main power source for hotel load and back-up propulsion. In addition to Dania based Mabru Power Systems, we have appointed another service dealer for Florida, Seal and Solution. They will change their website and will replace the current generators by WhisperPower. A really great company, with very good service ability, now added to our World Wide Directory.

Power systems for SAR rescue boats

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WhisperPower has obtained a follow up order for three Generator Systems of 27 kVA each, powering the on-board electrical systems of 3 new Search And Rescue (SAR) Boats, to be constructed by the famous shipbuilding company Fassmer, located close to Bremen, Germany.

Fassmer has designed and constructed a large number of search and rescue vessels, as well as patrol and police boats in the past, many of them equipped with WhisperPower generator systems. The SAR boats will be used by the German Rescue foundation and will be launched in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

WhisperPower is manufacturing a specially designed generator system (model M SQ 27) which allows a seamless power transfer between ship and shore.

New shipyard for Feadship – sustainable contribution of WhisperPower

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After two years of work, Feadship has officially openend the doors to its new highly sustainable construction facility situated in the heart of Amsterdam. During celebrations held yesterday evening, which marked 170 years of Royal Van Lent as well as the official opening ceremony by Queen Maximia, Feadship referred to the development as an ‘enormous undertaking’ and one which will considerably increase the shipyards’ overall capacity. With the capacity to accommodate yachts up to 160 m inside the construction hall, the new 26,000 cubic meter location is now Feadship’s fourth facility alongside Royal Van Lent’s other facility in Kaag and Koninklijke De Vries’ facilities in Aalsmeer and Makkum. In addition to the vast contruction hall, the new Amsterdam facility has 200 m of quayside to accommodate both new build and refit projects.

During the opening a complete collection of classic Feadships was shown, with one of them equipped with an electrical propulsion system powered by WhisperPower supplied Lithium batteries of 25 kWH.

Introduction safe Lithium Ion battery as replacement for the lead-acid battery

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With the introduction of the Ion Power Basic, a safe Lithium Ion battery formulated with Lithium, Iron and Phosphate cells (LiFePO4), a new era has begun with the perfect sustainable alternative to the conventional lead-acid battery.

Thanks in part to the automotive industry and developments in the field of electric driving, the battery industry has developed at an exponential rate. Lithium Ion technology in particular has undergone major development. The key advantages of the Lithium Ion battery is the long service life and the lack of a memory effect. Until now, the Lithium Ion battery, which in most cases, unlike the WhisperPower Ion Power Basic, has a chemical composition of Lithium-Cobalt oxide, has been used primarily in consumer electronics and not for more demanding applications because of their sensitivity to overheating and spontaneous combustion.

At the end of the 1990s, however, a new, safer Lithium chemical composition was developed based on Lithium, Iron and Phosphate (LiFePO4) which now, 20 years on, has been optimised to such an extent that the Lithium Ion battery has become a very interesting and viable replacement for the lead-acid battery. The higher initial investment is more than offset by the many advantages the Lithium Ion battery delivers in comparison to the lead-acid battery. The lifespan is up to 3 times longer, the battery is 50% lighter and more compact, 100% of the battery capacity can be used instead of 30 to 50%, the capacity loss in cold environments is minimal, the battery can easily be placed in any position and space and can be charged extremely quickly and efficiently using the integrated Battery Management System (BMS). In addition, the output voltage is constantly stable and the peak power remains high even if the battery is partially or almost completely discharged (flat charge-discharge curve). Other features include the fact that the battery is maintenance free and does not have to be continuously connected to a (trickle) charger if the battery is temporarily not being used.

Cell balancing, also known as the BMS, which ensures that each of the cells in the battery receive the correct voltage, is integrated in the battery. The consumers and the charge system can be connected directly to the poles. In order to prevent deep discharge, it is beneficial to place a switch-off relay between the battery and the consumers. A bi-stable relay is offered as an option as well as the charge system, which can be in the form of a WhisperPower battery charger, a WhisperSolar panel or a alternator. For optimum results, the Ion Power Basic is best charged with a constant voltage of up to 100% full charge. An energy monitor, the WBM, is also available as an option.

The Lithium Ion battery is the future. The market for this type of battery is so large and diverse and there are countless applications. This ranges from electric forklifts and golf carts to large scissor lifts and lifting platforms. The camper world has been waiting for years for a sustainable, compact and lightweight energy solution like this, plus the WhisperPower Lithium batteries are also ideal for electric sailing. The Ion Power Basic is an addition to our existing product range of industrial Ion Power batteries of 90 and 160 Ah with which larger systems of up to 100 kWh can be built. In the coming years we will be expanding the range further so we can also deliver larger energy storage capacities.

For the product(s) click here

WhisperPower Pacific “MOVING and SHAKING”

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Auckland and Brisbane offices “MOVE” – In Auckland we “SHAKE” with EAL (Electrics Afloat Ltd.) now appointed as primary dealer (Marine)

WP Pacific has moved from our Westhaven showroom to wharehousing in Albany, however we still have a presence at 23B Westhaven Drive having shaken hands with EAL two doors down.

View equipment and discuss systems with Jasper Hannay, Jasper (EAL) our newly appointed product champion is eager to spread the word on our “New School” systems and promote the “One stop shop”  approach to on-board power needs.

Our Brisbane office is also on the move, right to the centre of the “Gold Coast Marine Precinct”. Jason Rendle (General Manager Australia) facilitated this and is powering ahead in both Marine and Mobile markets. More on Australia soon.

METs 2018

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METS 2018: a lot of wow moments

After a few weeks of intensive activity and positive excitement, we are back in our daily rhythm. This had everything to do with METS 2018, the largest exhibition in the world in the field of maritime products for the maritime sector. More than 40 distributors visited our annual ‘Learning Days’ in our company building in Drachten, which were held prior to METS, where many new products and systems were shown thorough training on the ins and outs of technology.

An important part of our training program was an active workshop at Neptune Marine in Aalst, the producer of the well-known Elling Yachts, on the Monday for the METS. There, 20 of our international distributors were addressed by director Anton van den Bos, who highlighted the secret of the great Elling succes. The hulls of all yachts are made of fiberglass reinforced polyester – a special laminate with twaron that makes the vessel virtually unsinkable. An important advantage of these systems from WhisperPower is the fact that practically all functions, including the almost standardly installed stabilization (‘anti-roll’) systems, can work without a generator. In the latest E4 a new Anti-Roll All-in-one is installed, a product from DMS Holland that will maximize the comfort at sea.
All Elling yachts are equipped with the New School systems from WhisperPower: the E6 with an extensive energy system with 14 kVA inverters as ‘main generator’, and the smaller E3 and E4 yachts with a 7 kVA variant. The workshop participants were surprised by the very professional installation, in which the Ion Power Plus batteries took a prominent place. All Elling yachts can be connected to the land voltage worldwide without any restriction in voltage and frequency.

METS exhibition days
The large attendance of companies and people who visited our stand proves the A status of the WhisperPower brand. A historical moment the celebration of our 10th Anniversary, which we could celebrate with very many at the end of the first METS day. Accompanied by a lot of champagne of course!

This year our motto ‘100% Comfort, 0% Emission’ was clearly visible on the billboards of our demonstration verhicle and on the stand. An unique proposition that we, as the only company in the industry, can offer to our customers from a single brand supply, as one entire system. Important part of these systems is integration of the backup generator, the power electronics and the batteries to the central monitoring and the glass bridge with connectivity to Garmin, Raymarine and Simrad. Main read-out and control functions:

  • Shore power connection information
  • Genset on/off auto settings
  • WhisperPower Genverter or SQ 1500 status information
  • Operation information on the genset device(s) including operating hours
  • Battery status and smart Ah couting, time-remaining
  • Battery charger, inverter/charger status and read-out control and command
  • Monitoring AC- and DC-loads
  • Control of the shore power with current limitation

WhisperPower’s added value
During the METS fair this year it became clear that more and more series yacht builders are looking for a supplier that can supply all the main electrical components including integration from one brand. They ended up with the conclusion that WhisperPower offers the best solution. Many customers were also looking for a decent compact, high-quality, smart generator solution for the 230 V 50 Hz (120 V 60 Hz) on board power provision, which was found in the new Piccolo program from WhisperPower. With convincing live demonstrations in the demonstration vehicle for customers that wanted to hear the gensets running. The increasingly extensive Orange range with inverters, battery chargers, Combi’s and Solarkits attracted many volume boat builders as an optimal solution for smaller energy systems.

Introducing new General Manager

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Introducing our new “General Manager Australia” Jason Rendle has an excellent electrical and management background within our industry. Jason was previously with Riviera and Volvo, very active throughout the east coast, he now sets sights on the whole continent of Australia.
With support from the Auckland systems house we will soon establish an engineering and service resource at the Gold Coast Office (previously sales).
Jason and I will be at the Sydney show in 2 weeks, we have already begun to implement our exciting plan. We will really drive home the brand as a force to be reckoned with in this, our 2nd year of market establishment and brand building.

WP Magazine #4

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We proudly announce the newest edition of our WP Magazine.

In this edition we update you about the Supreme Pro high tech battery charger, the latest marine innovations and our 10 year anniversary! We are proud that we’ve come so far in the last 10 years, given the global economic downturn. Getting ‘up and running’ took longer than planned and a lot of work had to be done to differentiate our product range. Given the growth we have gone on the experience since 2015, crowned with 50% growth this year in comparison to 2017, we are pleased to say it has worked out just right.

Get your digital copye here.


Introducing new dealer in Sydney

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Introducing “Empire Vehicles” our new dealer in Sydney AU. At Empire Ray and his team produce beautiful mobile systems like the cafeteria truck pictured. This is a 10KW food truck system, there is also a larger truck in progress for AAFCANS with a 15KW. Ray is currently installing our new Scalino SS Outdoor 4KW in another application. The team at Empire are very keen on top end finish for their projects and pleased to have formed a strong relationship with WP Pacific. This gives full access to our world leading systems, we are pleased to have such a technically strong team (Mobile and Marine) as our new dealer in NSW Australia.