Nike Air Jordan 4 Black Cat Unboxing Hype, Resale & Review

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yes people we are here with an exclusive unboxing of the nike air jordan for black cat this shoe rigidly released in 2006 and it is many people’s growls I mean look it it is mean-looking but before we get into the shoe itself make sure you hit that like share and subscribe on because it really does help out the channel so I’m gonna get my levitator for a change look it’s like in one absolute miracle but this shoe is as mean and as fierce as they come start with the upper itself it comes with a premium nubuck soft to the touch and this material goes all the way across it and this is counted expertly by the molded Cajun that you can see on the underlays come and completely blacked out ,cheap jordan 11,this sneaker is as fierce as it comes this is encountered expertly by the nice graphite that you can see on the Nike Jumpman logo and flight and then this poop.

they’ll get a metal hip for the Jumpman logo on the back as well rounded off with these lace loops that also come in the same black metallic material this sneaker is absolutely exceptional in my opinion easily one of the perfect sneakers for the winter show we’re going into summer ,jordan 11 china,Nike maybe you could have thought about that a bit better but who cares released in February the 22nd retailing at 165 pounds these have already dropped over in the States and there was an instant seller and inspect exactly the same in Europe and I’m not gonna lie there’s your first one over the video let’s get the counter ticking down in the comments below this shoe will have a nice resale value to it as well but as per usual rather than copying them to resell just wear your goddamn sneakers .

because these are an absolute banger fitting true to size i person would go for UK 10 as per usual so if you want to give me a bit you guys are little legends available many stock is such as Nike footlocker and offspring this shoe issue is a must for me to round it off I’ve got one little fun fact for you this is named after Michael Jordan’s nickname apparently who’s known as the black cat ,cheap jordan 11 low,but I do not know if that is true so you can let me know down in the comments below but that is what Google is telling me I’ve been Chris from the sole supplier this has been the Nike Air Jordan for black cat and we’ll see you very soon for another unboxing probably tomorrow because we’re going to have like five in a row so you sure

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